Multimedial installation

Immersive Bodies

23.06.2023 | GEDOK Karlsruhe
All art by Veronika Reutz Drobnic


Markgrafenstra├če 14
76131 Karlsruhe

Visual art

3D art and videos thematising climate change


The installation "Immersive Boides" is an immersive, intermedial installation that examines the effects of climate change on the mental health of the population.
This installation provides a safe and relaxing space for people to enjoy while spreading awareness of how we can help the earth and ourselves both physically and mentally.

Concert dates

23.06 | 24.06. | 01.07.2023
Full runtime: 23.07 - 02.07.2023



┬ę Veronika Reutz Drobnic. All rights reserved.